Only the best lots of olives are pressed to obtain a very low acidity oil and rich in antioxidants, useful to our body.

The cultivar of Provenance, among which there is the Coratina, are those of our tradition that, enhanced by the Apulian sunshine, express at best their own scents and flavours. It is a bright green-coloured oil, having a gentle fruitiness of green olives, with aromatic notes of artichoke and tomato. The slightly bitter and spicy taste complete the herbaceous flavour, the oil in its fullness is soft and balanced. It is ideal for demanding palates, for those who want to show taste and flavour at the table.

Coratina, Peranzana

Production Area:
Pezze di Greco, Fasano (BR) – ITALIA

Olive groves height:
150 mt s.l.m.

Harvesting period:

Bright green with golden reflexes

Complex, wide, intense and herbaceous, with elegant notes of artichoke and tomato.

Remarkably structured, intense taste of sour olive, bitter and spicy.

Straight from the bottle it is particularly indicated on roasts, legumes, grilled vegetables and chicory salad.